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About Us

Started in 2001, “Pharma Placements Inc.” has emerged as a leader in providing quality manpower to Pharma Industry. Right since our inception we have believed in delivering smart and comprehensive recruitment solutions to the needs of our clients & candidates. Defining a professional & innovative approach towards consulting, which is tailored as per the demand of Pharmaceutical industry and market trends has been our aim since our inception.

“Pharma Placements Inc.” Is not only the leader but one of the fastest growing Recruitment Service Provider which addresses the challenges of global organizations in meeting their business objectives through the effective and efficient use of technology, processes, and resources.

“Pharma Placements Inc.” is strategically poised in the Recruitment Solutions arena for offering services to Pharmaceutical industry. With experience and talent on our side, we have explicitly contributed to a vast number of Pharma Companies to make optimal utilization of their resources.

At “Pharma Placements Inc.” we provide value to jobseekers in the recruitment process with an in-depth understanding of their needs. Our dynamic team of qualified and experienced professionals ensures quality, confidentiality & loyalty.


Confidentiality: Confidentiality and the Reliability are the pillars on which we have built this organisation. We understand and respect the need for an absolute confidentiality in your job search. We forward the CV of a candidate to any organisation only after taking the approval from the candidate. Unless you give us the green signal, you can rest assured that your CV is in absolute safe custody. Nobody would ever come to know that you are searching for a job through us.

Career Management: Our experience suggests that a brute majority of the people don’t look forward to change till the time things are comfortable in the present organisation. Actually this “comfort zone” becomes the most uncomfortable thing to happen to any candidate as one realizes after sometime. If we look at the profile of those who have made rapid strides in their career, we observe these are the people who have made changes at time when the going was extremely good for them in their present setup, these are the people who were very clear as to in which direction they are heading. Learning from the experiences of so many of candidates, we strongly believe that it’s important to plot one’s career graph very meticulously. Once you have plotted your career graph, it’s imperative to expect the breaks in your present setup, but if you feel you are getting stuck up, it’s important to explore other means to move ahead in your career. Pharmaplacements.com dedicates itself to build your career and to provide you with opportunities when you need them the most.

Career guidance: An industry experience of more than 2 decades coupled with constant interaction with a large number of Decision makers in about hundred organisations give us the confidence to be of help to you in making right career decision.

Long Term Association: with your decision to send your CV to us, we would be getting into a relationship that perhaps would last the whole life. You would observe that we would always be with you whenever you need us for any decision pertaining to build your career. Any dilemma, any confusion, you will find pharmaplacements.com is just a click away from you. It is always our endeavour to help you make the right decision.


We have been associated with Pharmaceutical industry since 1979 and we understand this industry very thoroughly. On account of such a long association, we have acquired following strengths:

  • Thorough Understanding of Industry’s requirement
  • Thorough understanding of Candidate’s profile and our skill to match the candidate’s profile to the Job description given to us by the company.
  • Accessibility to the top management of more than 100 companies.
  • Strong Network with companies as well as with candidates.
  • Dedicated and committed Team.


After achieving position of Leadership in the field of providing quality manpower to Pharma Industry, we will like to expand our horizons to cover allied industries like Healthcare, Diagnostics, Clinical research & Medical devises.


• To provide Cost Effective services to our client organisations consistently.
• To assist our client organisations to identify candidates as per their description in the shortest possible time.
• To strive for promptness and precision in our services.
• To maintain “confidentiality” of highest order in our transactions with candidates and clients.
• To offer only those positions to our candidates which would add value to their existing profile?